Nature Conservation Award

Awarded yearly to someone who has made a significant contribution to our knowledge of the biodiversity in South Australia. The recipient is someone  deserving of recognition within the conservation movement, through volunteering, supporting and/or mentoring. They may be someone within our FNSSA membership.

The Nature Conservation Award has been awarded 26 times since 1989. On three occasions no award has been awarded. Twice it has been awarded to couples and on two occasions it has been awarded posthumously. 

More information and a list of past recipients can be found here. (42kB PDF)

FNSSA Nature Conservation Award medallion side 2
Nature Conservation Award medallion side 2

Lirabenda Endowment Fund and Wo Fenner Bequest Grant

The Field Naturalists Society of South Australia Inc. established the Lirabenda Endowment Fund in 2005 with the proceeds of the sale of one of its properties, Lirabenda, near Mylor, with the intention of making available research grants to promote and encourage research into the biota and natural environment of South Australia. Applications are invited from students and staff of tertiary institutions and researchers at other institutions and from the general public for research projects which fit the guidelines set out by the society. Applications are accepted each year until late December and successful applicants are notified in March of grants of up to $3,000 for the following calendar year. To date more than $330,00 has been awarded.

• Invitation (10 kB PDF)

• Guidelines (20 kB PDF)

• Application Form (20 kB PDF) or (65 kB Word)