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Future events

FNSSA General Meeting – 7:45pm April 12th 2023

Location: Royal Society Rooms, South Australian Museum, Located behind the State Library of South Australian. Click here for a map

Speaker: Kimberly Michael: 2022 LEF grant recipient, MSc. Candidate Flinders University

Topic: Determining habitat suitability for Pygmy Bluetongue lizards (Tiliqua adelaidensis) for future translocations

Anthropogenic actions have caused irreversible damage to biodiversity globally and led to the current conservation crisis, the sixth mass extinction. For some species, such as the endangered pygmy bluetongue, translocation is the only solution to mitigate against the threats of habitat loss and climate change. Kim will discuss findings of habitat suitability for the pygmy bluetongue and their significance to identifying potential translocation sites in Adelaide.


Lirabenda Endowment Fund Research Grants

Do you have a great research project on the South Australian Environment but need funding?

Applications for the 2023 LEF Grant round are closed. Details for 2024 applications to be provided late 2023.

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