Do you have a particular area of interest and want to learn more? Anyone is welcome to join our clubs, whether a researcher, student, amateur or experienced naturalist, retiree, or just member of the public with an interest and curiosity about our natural world. See our list of clubs below:

Mammal Club

Ever heard of a Dunnart or a Ningaui? the mammal club has, not only do we learn how to identify large mammals from a distance we also get to see some of the rodents and dasyurids up close. The mammal club holds two 3-4 day field excursions a year in conjunction with South Australian Herpetology Group. We also have a meeting on the third Monday of every month.

Botany Club

South Australia has a huge variety of vegetation communities from arid chenopod shrub lands and ancient mallee woodlands to open grasslands and diverse swamps. If you have a passion for plants or are keen to learn your plant names, our Botany club has outings once a month in different areas.  See our program for further details and outings.

Adelaide Fungal Studies Group (AFSG)

Want to know your Armillaria from your Agaricus? Then our Fungal Studies Group is for you! Don’t be frightened by the scientific names of the fungi. They all have interesting characteristics to help you remember them. The AFSG has fungal forays during the wet months. On the Tuesday after each foray there is usually a talk or at meeting to identify and discuss specimens collected on the field trip. Click here for more information.